Quality Clauses

Updated 03/26/2018

• Procurement Quality Clauses Q1 through Q10 apply to ALL purchase orders.
• Procurement Quality Clauses Q11 though Q21 apply when specified on a purchase order.

Updated 06/26/2018

• Added: Q08   Limited shelf life material (Only applicable to items with a shelf life) When applicable

Updated 07/26/2023

• Added: Q17   Information for External Providers

Q01   Quality System Requirements

The External Provider shall implement and maintain a Quality Management System that complies with one or more of the following: ISO 9001, SAE AS9100, SAE AS9110, SAE AS9120, MIL-Q-9858, MIL-I-45208, or NADCAP Registration for Process(es), or an equivalent system that provides adequate Verification that the Material / Product / Process(es) supplied is in full conformance with the Purchase Order(s) and applicable specification(s).

Applicable Documented Information (including Records), is to be legible, reproducible, and identifiable to the Purchase Order. Applicable Documented Information is to be stored and retained in such a way that they are readily retrievable in facilities that provide a suitable environment to minimize deterioration or damage, to prevent loss, and maintain Security of the Documented Information. This applies to our Organization’s External Providers and sub-tier External Providers.

The Required Retention period for External Providers and sub-tier External Providers to Retain Applicable Documented Information is 7 years unless otherwise specified.

External Providers shall flow down any applicable Requirements, including Customer Requirements. External Providers shall comply with all requirements in the purchasing documents, including Key Characteristics, Special Requirements, and Requirements for Critical Items and/or Product Safety, as applicable.

Q02   Right of Entry

Silver State Wire & Cable reserves the right to review control methods and inspect material included in this order at the supplier's plant and at any sub-tier plant. Access rights shall be extended to our customer and Government or Regulatory Agency representatives.

Q03   Raw Material Traceability

Materials / Products / Services provided under this purchase order shall be traceable to materials, including raw materials, used. Traceability and inspection/test Documented Information shall be available upon request by Silver State W&C or our Customer(s)’ Representatives, and Regulatory Authorities as well. Identification of materials used, including raw materials, shall include, as applicable, but not limited to, the following types of information- lot number, material type, specification, heat number, etc.

In any case, External Provider shall record sufficient identification information to adequately identify all material / product / services in such a manner that full traceability of materials used, including raw materials, is included.  The External Provider shall Guarantee Product Sources, - The seller shall ensure that only new and authentic materials / products / services are used in products / services procured by Silver State W&C.

The Seller may only purchase parts directly from Original Component Manufactures (OCMs), Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) or franchised distributors. Use of product or materials / products / services not provided by these sources is not authorized unless first approved in writing by Silver State W&C.

The seller shall present compelling support for its request (documentation of authenticity of traceability of the parts to the manufacture) and include all actions to ensure the materials / products / services procured are authentic and conforming, and Compliant as Required.

Q04   Material Review Board (MRB) Authority

The External Provider shall notify Silver State W&C Quality Assurance of any nonconforming product or services. “Use as is” and “repair” dispositions shall be submitted to Silver State W&C prior to implementation.

Suggested dispositions, of the cause of nonconformity, and the Mitigating or Corrective actions taken shall be submitted to Silver State W&C in writing. Further work shall not be performed until directed by Silver State W&C in writing.

Q05   Certification of Compliance

Certification documents are required from External Provider and sub-tier External Provider(s), and shall be identified with, and include, the following:

 The Silver State W&C Purchase Order number and Item Number.

  1. Quantity / Volume, Lot / Batch, and/or Serial Numbers.
  2. Date of Manufacture (DOM).
  3. Expiration Date (when applicable).
  4. Part/ Specification (as applicable) Number/Identifier and Version/Revision as specified on Purchase Order.
  5. Signature or Inspector stamp, Title, and Date by an authorized representative of the issuing organization.

Q06  Confguration Management


External Provider shall notify the buyer immediately of any changes to the characteristics or configuration of the Material / Product / Process and/or changes in External Providers used to manufacture, process, or otherwise handle the product. This shall include the manufacturing facility location, and any locations where processes have been performed on the product. When required, External Provider shall obtain written approval of changes from Silver State W&C.

Q07   Packaging/Handling

Product intended for delivery to Silver State Wire & Cable shall be handled and packaged in manner as necessary to prevent damage during handling and transit. 

Etched Materials 
Packaging of etched materials shall be performed in such manner as to ensure that etched product is adequately protected from degradation.

Un-insulated Silver and silver-plated products
Packaging of un-insulated silver and silver-plated products shall be performed in such manner as to ensure that oxidation is prevented.

Hazardous Materials
Hazardous materials, as defined by the EPA, shall be packaged and clearly identified in such manner as to include any and all special handling, packaging, storage, environmental, or other requirements imposed by statute or regulation.

Q08   Limited shelf life material (Only applicable to items with a shelf life)

When applicable, the seller shall identify each item, package, or container of limited-calendar-life material with the cure or manufacture date, storage temperature, special handling conditions and requirements, in addition to the normal identification requirement of name, part number, specification number, type, size, quantity and manufacturing recommended shelf life. This identification, including special handling conditions and requirements, shall be recorded on certifications and shipping documents for the material.

Q09   Use of Statistical Techniques

The External Provider shall ensure that when sampling is used as a means of acceptance, all applicable requirements are complied with, and that the sampling plan is justified on the basis of recognized statistical principals, and appropriate for use.

Q10   Awareness

The External Provider shall ensure that persons are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.

Q11   FAIR (Fisrt Article Inspection) AS9102

Application of the SAE AS9102 “Aerospace First Article Inspection Requirement” Standard is required to support the first production run of a new part or assembly. This activity shall be repeated when changes occur that invalidate the original results (e.g., engineering changes, production process changes, tooling changes).

The External Provider shall retain documented information on the results of production process verification.

The documented information shall include a report that identifies all drawing characteristics and notes, required tolerance range, actual measurement results, and where physical testing is required, the results of the test(s).

Q12   Source Inspection

Silver State W&C will inspect the materials / products / services submitted on this Purchase Order at the External Provider’s facility. Source inspection approval or acceptance by the Silver State W&C Quality representative shall not constitute final acceptance by Silver State W&C of the items covered by this purchase order, nor shall it relieve the seller of their responsibility to furnish acceptable materials / products / services.

Q13   Government Inspection

Government inspection is required prior to shipment from your plant. Upon receipt of this order, promptly notify the Government representative who normally serves your plant.

Q14   Test Reports

Each shipment shall be accompanied by one (1) legible and reproducible copy of actual test results identifiable with test parameters and Material / Product / Service submitted. These reports shall contain the Controlled Test/Inspection Stamp of the individual performing the task, or the controlled signature and title of the authorized representative of the agency performing the test.

Q15   Raw Material Certification

Each shipment shall be accompanied by one (1) legible and reproducible copy of the Raw Material Certification. The Certification shall be from the Mill Source and lists the actual test values.

Q16   Special Process Certification

A certificate shall be issued and provided with each shipment and must state that special processes demonstrate compliance with the applicable Purchase Order(s) and Requirements associated with them, Drawing(s) / Specification(s), and any other applicable requirements, and that applicable processes have been performed by a Silver State W&C, Design Authority, and/or government approved source. The certificate shall contain the signature of an authorized representative of the External Provider.

Q17   Information for External Providers

Ensuring that persons are aware of:
− their contribution to product or service conformity;
− their contribution to product safety;
− the importance of ethical behavior.

Q18 - Q20 

Not assigned yet.

Q21   Splices

There shall be no more than 2 splices per container (”Container” is defined as but not limited to, a spool, reel, barrel, drum, box, coil, or bobbin); If there are splices within the material on or in the container, the individual splice locations (in footage / lengths) must be legible, listed on the container, and visible prior to opening or using the material on or in the container.