Metal Braid - Flat and Tubular, A-A-59569 (QQ-B-575)

Overbraid and Shielding

  • Supplied in both as “Flat” or “Tubular” braided wire. We carry a wide range of the well know AA59569 (Formerly QQ-B-575), as well as extremely high strand, flexible braids. Our braided products have physical and electrical properties to meet your application requirements.

Tubular Braid

  • Description: Braided strands to form a completely round configuration.
  • Application: Tubular braid can be used as shielding and protective covering. Shielding is 85% or more when placed over equivalent diameter to inside diameter of tubular braid.

Flat Braid

  • Description: Tinned copper braided wire strands are woven and rolled flat to specific width depending on construction.
  • Applications: Flat braid can be used for bonding, ground straps, or connecting moving parts.



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