About Silver State

Silver State Wire & Cable began in 1991. As a small value added service provider. Cutting and kitting wire, cable, and tubing for local assembly houses and OEM's was where it all started. At the time there were only two employees and three wire processing machines made in the early 1950's. With a lot of hard work and tenacity, the company slowly grew. Always making sure their humble list of customers received quality product at an affordable price.

Over the last twenty years, Silver State has grown to be a major supplier to a wide range of customers, big and small, becoming trained and certified to meet the needs of today's markets. Still, we haven't forgotten that supporting our customers is the core of our business. We constantly strive to improve and find new ways to better serve you, the customer.

Whether you are building a hobby plane, building a satellite for outer space, or re-wiring a fighter jet, we will make sure you receive exactly what you need for your application, on time.

Thank you for your support!