Fusion Tape

A-A-59163 silicone rubber self-fusing tape is a special formulation of high-technology polysiloxanes. This tape is non-flammable, self-extinguishing and bonds to itself without any adhesive. It forms a seal when wrapped around electrical connections and connectors, cable and wiring splices, hydraulic hose protection sleeves, duct joints and other electro-mechanical devices.

The special silicone rubber formulation of this tape self-fuses (self-amalgamating) when stretched and over-wrapped. Completely flexible at cold temperatures and can be used to +260ºC (+500ºF) continuous exposure.  Fusion Wrap tape does not support combustion and resists heat, flame, welding splatter, molten metals, solder drips, slag, sparks, Ozone, UV light and contamination.

For emergency repair, it can be wrapped over oily or wet surfaces (hoses and pipes). Used extensively in aviation, marine and industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul operations.

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