Heat-Shrinkable Boots Part Number Cross-Reference

We have a wide range of shapes, boots, transitions and connector backshell covers available. HellermannTyton's extensive product line of heatshrink molded shapes includes low profile, bulbous and lipped types for use on circular and D-type connectors as well as complex multi-way transitions. Please see below for a cross reference to many of the industry part numbers.


Hellermann-TytonTE / Raychem / Sigmaform        Tacom3MGlenair

Mil. / Nav. Spec.

152-42-J 202K121-4-0   313K232-6 770-001S303  
152-42-J-W24 202K121-4/225-0     770-001S303R  
152-42-J-W8 202K121-4/86-0   313K232-6-450 770-001S303W1  
152-42-J-WM250 202K121-4/42-0   313K232-6-250 770-001S303W2  
152-42-B7 202K121-3-0   313K232-1 770-001S103  
152-42-B7-W24 202K121-3/225-0     770-001S103R  
152-42-B7-W8 202K121-3/86-0   313K232-1-450 770-001S103W1  
152-42-B7-WM250 202K121-3/42-0   313K232-1-250 770-001S103W2  
152-42-G 202K121-25-0   313K232-7 770-001S103  
152-42-G-W24 202K121-25/225-0     770-001S103R  
152-42-G-W8 202K121-25/86-0   313K232-7-450 770-001S103W1  
152-42-G-WM250 202K121-25/42-0   313K232-7-250 770-001S103W2  
152-42-H 202K121-100-0   313K232-3 770-001S203  
152-42-H-17 202K121-100/86-0   313K232-3-450 770-001S103W1  
153-42-J 202K232-4-0   313K343-6    
153-42-J-W24 202K232-4/225-0        
153-42-J-W8 202K232-4/86-0   313K343-6-450    
153-42-J-WM250 202K232-4/42-0   313K343-6-250    
153-42-B7 202K232-3-0   313K343-1    
153-42-B7-W24 202K232-3/225-0        
153-42-B7-W8 202K232-3/86-0   313K343-1-450    
153-42-B7-WM250 202K232-3/42-0   313K343-1-250    
153-42-G 202K232-25-0   313K343-7    
153-42-G-W24 202K232-25/225-0        
153-42-G-W8 202K232-25/86-0   313K343-7-450    
153-42-G-WM250 202K232-25/42-0   313K343-7-250    
153-42-H 202K232-100-0   313K343-3    
153-42-H-17 202K232-100/86-0   313K343-3-450    
154-42-G 202K132-25-0   313K243-7 770-001S104  
154-42-G-W24 202K132-25/225-0     770-001S104R  
154-42-G-W8 202K132-25/86-0   313K243-7-450 770-001S104W1  
154-42-G-WM250 202K132-25/42-0   313K243-7-250 770-001S104W2  
154-42-H 202K132-100-0   313K243-3 770-001S204  
154-42-H-17 202K132-100/86-0   313K243-3-450    
154-42-J 202K132-4-0   313K243-6 770-001S304  
154-42-J-W24 202K132-4/225-0        
154-42-J-W8 202K132-4/86-0   313K243-6-450    
154-42-J-WM250 202K132-4/42-0   313K243-6-250  770-001S304W2