ASNE (Airbus) High Temperature Wire & Cable

ASNE (Airbus) High Temperature Wire & Cable

Voltage Rating: 600 V

Temperature Ratings: -55°C (-65°F) to +200°C (392°F)

Construction: Nickel or Silver-Plated Copper

ASNE wire and cable is suitable for use in military and commercial applications that are exposed to a wide range of challenging physical conditions. Although it is primarily used in the European aerospace insdustry, these components have become increasingly prevalent in the transit, petrochemical, and marine industries as well.

In addition to offering high-performance and reliability in both high and low-temperature environments, ASNE wire offers excellent resistance to fire, as well as oils and solvents. ASNE specifications also allow for a variety of construction types: single core, twisted pairs, and shielded/screened and jacketed. This makes it a logical option for applications in virtually any kind of environment.